Sunday adventures. Setting a good standard for the rest of summer  (at Natural Bridge)
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                                     HOW TO VOTE AGAINST  TONY ABBOTT 

                                              A handy step-by-step guide

It is an inevitability, no matter how unfortunate, that in two weeks time either Tony Abbott or Kevin Rudd will be our new Prime Minister.

Oh dear. 

It’s not really much of a choice but the only thing we can do is try to minimise the damage. So here’s a few suggestions and like minded despair before we hurtle into a deeply conservative and sexist future. 

If you’re curious about why Tony Abbott is such a bad idea or just need some ammunition for those tedious arguments with people who want to vote for him I’m also composing a one-size fits all list (with links) about his policies, history and moral fibre (or lack thereof). It’ll be up in the next few days.

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Enrol to vote now!

I just supported Enrol to vote now! on @ThunderclapIt

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Amelie & I are pretty excited about tomorrow. Who’s coming?? ;) #fundraising #climbitforclimate #trapeze #aerials
Markets. Rain. Coffee. Spontaneous family visits. Monique. Mt Tamborine. #hiking #sundaylove
Can’t sleep. Make art.
'El musico del blues' - Merinda Davies
Fundraising at Ashmore City market. Come say hi :) #raffle #reidcycles #AYCC #sundaymorning  (en Ashmore City Shopping Centre)
#schoolsout I made it through another semester. Time to refocus for awhile. #soexcited #happy #relieved yiipppeee circus training time!! Xo
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Fuck it!

I just want to paint. 

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Because Ryan Gosling said to #divestnow